Chronic pain

La Marató de TV3 turned 15 with a 15-hour programme dedicated to chronic pain.

Knowing the basic mechanisms of chronic pain, the reason why it appears in certain diseases and finding new medicines and therapeutic strategies to eliminate it or palliate is as much as possible were the elements that led La Marató to focus on this disease.

The sum of 7 million euros that was collected in this edition contributed to advances in the knowledge, treatment and diagnosis of this disease.

Pain is an unpleasant experience that we have when tissue is damaged. But it is important to distinguish between acute pain and chronic pain. The former is an alarm signal that tells us that something has gone wrong, but is usually easy to treat and in most cases it is cured successfully. Chronic pain, on the other hand, is more complex and difficult to treat. It may originate in a disease or other factors, it lasts a minimum of three months, and very often people who suffer it are unable to lead a normal life. It is the leading cause of visits to primary health care centres in Catalonia and is considered to be a disease.



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