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Transexuality has generally been associated with the adult world, but increasing numbers of boys and girls, starting at a very young age, are clearly stating their discord with the gender assigned to them at birth. Some of these minors choose to make the transition, very early on, to the gender with which they feel identified. They are all part of the "new trans generation."

The documentary "Transition. Transexual Minors" explores the subject through first-hand stories told by four young people who have taken this step:  David (age 6), Estel (age 11), Raquel (age 14) and Mario (age 17).  Their moving statements shed light on how these boys and girls felt, both before and after making the transition, and the difficult process that parents often go through in accepting that change.

Marta, age 23, has a different story to tell. She lived as a boy until the age of 18, but is now fully comfortable with her life as a girl. She had a vaginoplasty and says that she now feels completely like a woman. She has just one wish: to find a man who loves her and create a family together.

But the trans reality, especially in the adult world, reaches much further. Not everyone identifies specifically with either the masculine or feminine gender. That's the case for Noa, Àlex and Daniel, three members of Joves Trans de Barcelona (Barcelona Trans Youths) who don't consider themselves either male or female and contest the idea of the binary genre distinction. This Sunday, the "30 Minuts"program will be presented in an hour-long format offering a more extended view and additional insight into this subject.

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