I am attracted to children

Daniel is a paedophile,  and has agreed to tell us about his experience,  but only by phone, because he's afraid that someone might recognise him. He's around 40 years old, has a university degree and a highly-qualified job, and has never abused a child.

DANIEL: "When you find out about it, it's complicated, you know? They're very confused feelings, so basically what I did is what most people do, which is nothing. Tell no-one. Basically withdraw from everyone and everything around me, and pretend everything was normal. There's only one symptom of being a paedophile, which is that I'm attracted to children instead of adults, but nothing else. So it doesn't mean I can't tell right from wrong, It doesn't mean I don't have a scale of values, it doesn't prevent me controlling my own actions. For me, abusing a child sexually is  as bad as killing someone, so I have no intention of doing it, because I don't want to cause harm to anyone."

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