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Do you Vaccinate?

Do you Vaccinate?

There are an increasing number of families who decide, for one reason or another, not to vaccinate their children. Health authorities are very worried about this. 


Last summer - 2015 - in Olot, Catalonia, diphtheria hit an unvaccinated 6 years old child and he died as a result. This happening set all the alarm bells ringing. What makes parents not to trust vaccines, which are held as one of the biggest achieves in the history of medicine and every year save millions of lives all around the world?
The documentary "Do You Vaccinate?" interviews various families that are against vaccination. Some of them believe in natural and alternative medicines, others don't trust in vaccines' safety and there is even some who lower their guard thinking that the diseases that are prevented with vaccines don't exist nowadays or are not dangerous any more. All kinds of arguments that have reduced vaccination index these last years, with the following resurgence of diseases that were almost eradicated in the developed countries. What are the consequences?
We will get a first hand look at them throughout the testimonies of people who have suffered any of these diseases. Like Raquel, affected by the outbreak of measles that occurred 3 years ago in the Barcelona Sónar music festival, which almost took her life. Or like Palash, a guy from Vilanova del Vallès to whom measles virus caused irreparable damage on the brain. And also Roelofje, who was raised in a Calvinist community in Holland, where vaccination is forbidden for religious reasons and who was hit by poliomyelitis when she was a child.
In this report we also analyze the role of Internet as a tool for spreading ideas against vaccination and we also interview epidemiologists, pediatric doctors, homeopaths, as well as representatives of the European Medicines Agency and of the pharmaceutical industry.
We also raise the question about if vaccination is a strictly personal matter or a public health issue.
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