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Sony Bravia

Compatible models: Available on all Sony Smart TV models using the Android TV operating system (from 2015 onwards).

Download the app using Google Play to watch thousands of videos on demand (visible by program or using a search bar) as well as the TV3CAT channel’s live broadcasts.

The app also gives viewers access to TV3alacarta’s most notable videos of the day and most-viewed videos, the archive of all TV3 programs and the programming list for the last 7 days.

Geographic range: The TV3 app for Android TV is available in all countries with access to Google Play.

Some of our content is subject to broadcasting restrictions in certain countries. Depending on where you are, the app may inform you that you are not permitted to see some of our content.


Sony Bravia

Compatible models: Available on all Sony Smart TV models. Two different versions of the app exist: one for Sony Bravia models (with some content limitations imposed by Sony) and another for Sony HTML5 models (with no content limitations).

Geographic range: Spain and Andorra.

How to download the app: Access the TV3 app through the Sony Entertainment Network’s “Video” menu.

We offer the most notable videos of the day, the list of the most-watched videos on 3alacarta during the last 24 hours, the latest episodes of series, as well as videos from a wide range of TV3 programs (information, entertainment, series, children’s programming, educational programming, etc.).


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