Communique issued by the Catalan Audio-visual Media Corporation with regard to the intervention announced by the Government of Spain

Faced with intervention, as announced by the Government of Spain, the Catalan Audio-visual Media Corporation (CCMA) stands firm by its mission to offer all the citizens of Catalonia, in compliance with its Parliamentary mandate, a public service of the highest quality, committed to ethical, democratic and pluralistic principles.

The Catalan Audio-visual Media Corporation was founded on May 30, 1983, with the unanimous approval by all the political forces of the Parliament of a law which was to be one of the first acts passed by the Catalan Legislative House.

The rigorous requirements on the different media of the CCMA are made patently clear in its statement of Mission and functions of public service, in the principles and lines of action of its programming and in its Style book.

The media under the umbrella of the CCMA, TV3 and Catalunya Ràdio, reflect the diversity of our society and stand as a guarantee of truthful, objective and pluralistic information. This is echoed in the pluralism observance reports and in all other objective data, and is supported by the confidence shown by the audiences each and every day: the news programmes produced by TV3 are by far the market leaders and stand as an undisputed point of reference in our country and are ranked highest in terms of quality and credibility.

Such is the work that all those who make up TV3 and Catalunya Ràdio staunchly defend and seek to preserve in order to uphold the freedom of information and expression in our country, an essential requirement of any democracy.

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