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App SX3 – LG

Imatge de l'aplicació SX3

Geographic range: Spain and Andorra. Outside of this area, users can try selecting “Spain” when choosing a country on their television. Nevertheless, few models present this option, and doing so will render the apps from the country where the device is located no longer visible.

Compatible models: Available on all LG Smart TV models using the webOS operating system.

This new app is easy to access. First, make sure that your LG television uses the webOS operating system and that it has an internet connection. Next, find the SX3 app on the service’s main page or using the search bar, download and install the app. After that, you’ll have access to all the great content within.

Once inside the app, you can access the best videos from SX3 programs like "Fa La Là", "Titó", "Uau Ka Kau", "Numberblocks", "Mic", "Ràndom", "Projecte Beta", "Lara i Kali" or "InfoK", just to name a few. You just need to select the program you want from the available content, select the file, and choose the video you want to see. These videos will open in a new video player that allows you to select the image quality and activate subtitles or audio description, along with other options.


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