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Geographic range:
Catalonia (the app cannot be seen outside the range of the CCMA’s DDTV).

What do I need to access the service?
It is available on all Smart TV models that include this standard.

Compatible models:
You need an HbbTV-compatible television with an internet connection. If you tune in to the TV3, 324 or Esport3 channels, after a few seconds a notice will appear telling you to press the red button on your remote control to access the service.
By pressing the red button you are given access to TV3’s HbbTV service, not the TV3 app available in the app store used by the manufacturer of your television.

What will I find there?
All TV3 series and programs on demand. Select the video you would like to watch from the featured videos that appear on the main page by going to the alphabetical program archive, using the search bar, looking through the files listed under each program or looking through the programs organized by topic. You can also access content through the programming list from the last 7 days.
These videos will open in a new video player that allows you to select the image quality and activate subtitles or audio description, along with other options.

HBBTV (Hybrid broadcast broadband TV) is a standard initiative created by the European Union to connect televisions with the internet.
As opposed to the Smart TVs provided by television manufacturers, with HbbTV users do not have to install any apps. Plus, the setting is the same no matter what brand of television you have. Extra content is shown on traditional television channels and can be accessed by pressing the red button.