Management Team


Governing Council

The Governing Council is the highest organ of government and administration of the CCMA . It is made up of six members elected by the Parliament from a list of candidates with relevant professional qualifications.

  • Núria Llorach i Boladeras, Vice President and Acting President
  • Rita Marzoa i Font, Board Member Secretary
  • Antoni Pemán i Vicastillo, Board Member
  • Armand Querol i Gasulla, Board Member
The President

Parliament elects the President of the Governing Council among the six members on the Board.

The Advisory Council for Content and Programmes

The CCMA’s advisory body for the matters of programming and content. Its members are elected by the Catalan Parliament, among prestigious people who represent the plurality of Catalan society.

  • Immaculada Juan i Franch, President
  • Agustí Argelich i Gironès
  • Lorena Asensio i Pesas
  • Enric Bastardes i Porcel
  • Rosa M. Calafat i Vila
  • Sílvia Cànovas i Garcia
  • Dolors Llobet i Maria
  • Manel Manzanas i Garcia
  • Àlex Mañé i Magrí
  • Mar Pons i Púbul
  • Erica Tarifa i García
  • Lourdes Ventolà i Mallart
Control Committee

Instituted by virtue of the Act establishing CCMA, this is the committee by which Parliament monitors and controls CCMA and its subsidiary companies, appointment of committee members, and compliance with parliamentary rules. These are the Control Committee members.

The Ombudswoman of the Audience

The Ombudsman or Ombudswoman is the institution that watches over the rights of the spectators of Televisió de Catalunya, the listeners of the radio stations of Catalunya Ràdio, and the users of the Catalan Broadcasting Corporation's websites and portals.

  • Laura Baladas i Ortiz
The TV3 Marathon Foundation

The TV3 Marathon Foundation seeks to foster and promote high-level biomedical research and social awareness with respect to those diseases dealt with on the TV3 “La Marató” television programme.

  • Lluís Bernabé i Valera, executive director
Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the executive body of the CCMA, comprised of the President of the Governing Council and the directors of the media and the corporate departments.

  • Núria Llorach i Boladeras, Acting President
  • Andreu J. Martínez Hernández, Director of Strategy and Human Resources
  • Amadeu Gassó i Gimeno, Director of Operations and Engineering
  • Teresa Farré i Lladó, Director of Management and Resources
  • Martí Patxot i Cardoner, Director of Marketing and Sales
  • Saül Gordillo Bernárdez, Director of Radio Media and Digital Media of the CCMA
  • Vicent Sanchis Llàcer of Television Media
  • Ignasi Jaén i Viñuales, Director of Legal Services
Strategy and Human Resources
Management Andreu J. Martínez Hernández
Human Resources Development and Strategy David de Abásolo i Muñoz
Collective and Social Relations Joan Pericas Mata
Audience Analysis and Utilization Jordi Català i Gimeno
Linguistic Consulting Ernest Rusinés i Gramunt
Communication and Institutional Relations Elisabet Ventura i Claret
Planning and Organisation of Resources Fermí Pérez i Tierz
Social Responsibility Laura Baladas i Ortiz
Strategic Development Coordination Jordi Fortuny i Batalla
Operations and Engineering
Management Amadeu Gassó i Gimeno
Technical Broadcasting and Traffic Jordi Escalera i Villanueva
Engineering and Infrastructures Xavier Ferrándiz i Bofill
Operations Ramon Sangrà i Selvas
Systems, Equipment and Audiovisual Communication (SECA) Paco Sánchez i Jiménez
Radio Technology Antoni Roig i Figueras
Management and Resources
Management Teresa Farré i Lladó
Economy and Finances, and Information Systems Joan Bosch i Rovira
Production Montse Pérez i Vargas
Marketing and Sales
Management Martí Patxot i Cardoner
Commercial Strategy M. Núria Fargas i Rial
Diversification Josie Pujadas i Atzarà
Brand Promotion and Strategy Àlex Marquina i Domènech
Operations Gustavo de Gispert i Escofet
Advertising Sales Gaietà Dalmases i Alonso
Radio and Digital Media
Management Saül Gordillo Bernárdez
Digital Media Deputy Director Geni de Vilar Font
Radio Deputy Director Jordi Borda Marsiñach
Radio Content Santi Faro i Basco
Radio News Programmes Francesc Cano i Castells
Radio SportsF. Xavier Campos Ramírez
Management Vicent Sanchis Llàcer
Deputy Director
Contents and Programmes
Sigfrid Gras i Salicru
Programming and Image Clara Cabezas i Monjonell
News Programmes David Bassa i Cabanas
Sports Bernat Soler Pla