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This is the website of the Corporació Catalana de Mitjans Audiovisuals (hereinafter, CCMA) and the companies of its group. Here you can find news, cultural and entertainment content aimed at different groups from within Catalan society.

The entities referred to in this website as members of the group of companies of the CCMA are the following:

  • Corporació Catalana de Mitjans Audiovisuals
    Via Augusta, 252
    08017 Barcelona
    Tax code: ESQ0891001J
  • Corporació Catalana de Mitjans Audiovisuals, SA
    Via Augusta, 252
    08017 Barcelona
    Tax code: ESA08849622
  • Fundació La Marató de TV3
    Edifici IL·LUMINA
    Carrer Gaspar Fàbregas, 81
    08950 Esplugues de Llobregat
    Tax code: ESG61209706

Intellectual and Industrial Property

The information disseminated is owned by the CCMA and the companies pertaining to its group, as well as its authors, and is considered copyrighted works in accordance with the provisions of Royal Decree 1/1996, 12th April, by which the consolidated text of the intellectual property law was approved, and the international treaties signed in this field are also applicable.

This notice does not make any assignment of rights in favour of the user in relation to any of the elements integrated into the website, applications and services of HbbTV, third-party platforms, or of content and personal services. Therefore, copying, public communication, distribution, commercialization or any other activity with a purpose or public use that can be done with the content is prohibited, if you do not have the express consent of the CCMA or the companies in the group who are the rights holders.

Commitment to privacy

The CCMA is a public company whose mission is to offer Catalonia's citizens a quality public audiovisual service. Our commitment to the privacy of our users is very high. Therefore, we offer access to most of the content without restrictions of any kind. Only in some cases, as in the participation of competitions, for example, we ask you to register with the CCMA or, in the case of Super3, that you be members of the Club. You decide at all times what data you want to give us. In the case of the CCMA registration, for example, we only ask for your first and last name, email and password. This is the rule that we apply in all cases: we will always ask you for the minimum data necessary in order to offer you the requested service.

We also collect other data automatically through cookies and other technologies. As a communication company, we need to know what content and services you like best so as to improve our range and adapt to your interests. This is why, whether through our own tools or through collaboration with other companies, we collect data from audiences. These data are anonymous and we use them for statistical purposes.

Unless you are identified, this data can never be associated with a specific user. However, we are permitted to associate the consumption to a physical device (through the use of cookies). This information helps us to better understand the consumer habits of our audience, for example, what kind of content you watch most from computers or from mobile devices. If you browse, having first logged in, we can use that information to make personalized recommendations of content and offer programs and series that adapt to your tastes.

Voice Assistants

The CCMA offers a selection of its content on some platforms designed by third parties that are controlled through voice assistants, such as Amazon's Alexa. In these cases, the CCMA does not use cookies or any type of technology that collects information about the user: it is the platforms themselves that can collect information about the consumption of our content, which, in any case, is always anonymous information, relative to which content is more highly consumed and which devices are used.

Attention to the Audience

The Service of Attention to the Audience (SAA) is a direct way of communicating with you, whether you are spectators, listeners or users.

Through the SAA you can send us your questions, complaints and suggestions related to the programming, activities and services of our radio, television and digital media channels.

The institutional figure of the audience defender is in charge of ensuring compliance with the foundations of the public service of the CCMA media and, especially, by the transmission of truthful, objective and balanced information, respectful of political, social and cultural pluralism, and with regional balance.

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