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The Sugar Boy - The life and times of anarcho-syndicalist Salvador Seguí

Durada: 23 min
Salvador Seguí, known as el Noi del Sucre, The Sugar Boy, was a key figure in Catalonia's impassioned, revolutionary and deadly workers' movement in the early 20th century. 100 years on from his death - he was shot dead aged just 35 - an exhibition in Barcelona's Palau Robert remembers this larger-than-life character's contribution to Catalan society and to the worldwide fight for better working conditions. Cillian Shields chats to exhibition curator Sergi Martín and joins Lorcan Doherty to discuss the life and times of the anarcho-syndicalist who helped bring about the 40-hour working week. This week's Catalan phrase is 'de sucre'. Literally '(made) of sugar', it is used to describe someone delicate or fragile.