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Romeva: "Today it is us, but tomorrow it could be anyone"

In his closing statements, the former minister of Foreign Affairs denounced that "there has been an attempt to deter an ideology" in the trial in the Supreme Court

Catalan independence trial

In his closing statements, Raül Romeva denounced that, in the Catalan independence trial, "there have been misrepresentations by the parties to the prosecution" and that " there has been an attempt to deter an ideology ".

Romeva appealed to democrats to be able to "build a reality in which there are no political trials or political prisoners" and he pointed out that what is happening is dangerous because "today it is us, but tomorrow it could be anyone."

He also spoke of the references to hate, which, according to him, have been manipulated, which is dangerous because "hate only gives rise to more hate":

"If you read the thousands of letters we read from the loneliness of our cells, you would see it is not hate that moves thousands of people."

Romeva has wanted to explain the motivations of the people who participated in October 1 and stated that "what moves millions of people, and even more, is frustration... incomprehension. The State continues not to offer a political response to a political problem." In change, he criticised what he called "aporellismo" [let's go get them-ism].

Romeva insisted that "to hold a referendum, even if it is illegal, is not a crime according to the criminal code":

"I have always defended, I will always defend that the exercise of the right to self-determination must be done without violence."

He concluded by asking for a political solution and that "come what may, we will continue to extend a hand to everyone", "Serenely, even with those who insult us."


Catalan independence trial
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