An October 1 voter says that Guardia Civil officers harassed her and called her "retarded"
Virgínia Martínez, a resident of Dosrius, testifying at the Supreme Court this Tuesday

An October 1 voter says that Guardia Civil officers harassed her and called her "retarded"

Virginia Martínez, a native of the town of Dosrius, explained that the Guardia Civil threw her to the ground while she was trying to access the Castell school

Catalan independence trial

Virgínia Martínez, a resident of Dosrius who went to vote at the Castell school on October 1, said this Tuesday at the Catalan Independence trial that Guardia Civil agents insulted and vexed her.

Martinez, who testified at the request of the defence counsel of Jordi Sànchez and Jordi Turull, explained that she went to lunch, then found Guardia Civil agents blocking her way when she was returning to the school:

"They stopped while asking me what I was doing there, and I told them I was in my town, intending to go to the entrance of the school where my son, my husband and other relatives and neighbors were already waiting, and that I wanted to enter. They told me they would not allow me to."


"We'll record you too, because you're making a fool of yourself"

According to her story, she saw how the riot police  "put on their armor, their helmets and grabed their batons", then she got nervous and was pushed to the ground:

"I tried to explain that all I wanted was to go in there, but I could not finish the sentence, because the Guardia Civil agent caught from my back, shook me up and, before I could even realice it, I was already lying on my back, completely stretched. He threw me to the floor, then I started crying, got hysterical, I was all nerves. Then I started telling them: "You have no right to do this to me."

"Then, this same Guardia Civil officer told the other one: "Take her documentation, identify her, we will teach her a lesson". At that precise moment, in which both of them were pulling my bag from each side, he said: "And we're going to record you, you're making a fool of yourself", or something similar."


"An officer standing there called me "retarded""

"They began to threaten me all at once. I cried, I screamed ... I could not understand very well what they were saying, and then I broke down. At one point, they remained silent, then I realized that a Young man from the town was coming towards us, but two or three agents prevented him to reach us, which is why they stayed quiet. Then, one of them called me "retarded". And this is one of those things I tolerate the least. I faced while saying: 'How dare you call me retarded? I have not disrespected you".

Martínez explained how she witnessed the way riot police agents were going for the people at the the school entrance, entering by force.


They only insulted Guardia Civil agents "after the beating" suffered

Another witness declaring this Tuesday who was present at the Castell school at Dosrius as well, Carme Budé, answered the questions of the general secretary of Vox, Javier Ortega, stating that until the end of the intervention there were no insults by the people gathered there:

Ortega: "Did they proffer insults or threats against the Guardia Civil?"

Budé: "The first thing I want to say is that I answer for a legal imperative, and no, we did not insult the Guardia Civil at any time when they arrived. We did when they left."

Ortega: "Then that is a yes. And what were those insults?"

Budé: "Well, I don't know, I don't remember. We told them many things because, as you will understand, after suffering a beating you do not look at people with affection."

Ortega: "I don't understand, I am asking: What insults did you hear?"

Budé: "Well, I don't know, I suppose we said "away with you","we will vote","Away with the forces of occupation…"

Ortega: "But did you hear insults such as "assassins"...?"  

Budé: "It could be, yes."

Catalan independence trial
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