A Policía Nacional officer accuses voters of "simulating aggressions" on October 1 in Sabadell

A Policía Nacional information officer states that he found 4 elderly people at the Joan Boscà Institute in Barcelona who didn't know what they were doing
A Policía Nacional officer accuses voters of "simulating aggressions" on October 1 in Sabadell

A Policía Nacional officer accuses voters of "simulating aggressions" on October 1 in Sabadell

A Policía Nacional information officer states that he found 4 elderly people at the Joan Boscà Institute in Barcelona who didn't know what they were doing
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Catalan independence trial
A Policía Nacional officer accuses voters of "simulating aggressions" on October 1 in Sabadell

The defenses and some of the defendants in the Catalan Independence trial, this Wednesday at the Supreme Court

The Policía Nacional inspector in charge of the non-uniformed information Officers in Sabadell stated on wednesday at the Catalan Independence trial that the people gathered before the Nostra Llar school simulated aggressions when the police began to act.

This police officer, identified under number 88.009, explained on Wednesday that when they arrived at the school early in the morning, a crowd of 200 or 300 people were already gathered in front of the school, maintaining a peaceful attitude.

"They began to simulate aggressions"

In his statement, his assured that this attitude changed when PIU units (Police Intervention Units of the Policía Nacional) intervened:

"All the people around were being very peaceful, until the same ones that were getting out of front (from the tumult) began to simulate aggressions, screaming hysterically ... that made the whole people react, so they turned from being quiet and  peaceful, staying on the perimeter, to starting singing "away with the occupation forces", this type of chants, "get out, get out!".

Questioned by prosecutor Javier Zaragoza, the witness assured that the agents of these units had "a model performance", pushing people with their nude hands and without using the clubs

Prosecutors of the Supreme Court Javier Zaragoza and Fidel Cadena, this Wednesday during the statements of the witnesses

In the following video you can see how the Policía Nacinoal had to step back by the end of their operative at this school in Sabadell, where the then president of the Parliament, Carme Forcadell, was expected to be voting:

A barricade with "people of peace"

This inspector, who also intervened later in the operation of the National Police at the Joan Boscà Institute in Barcelona, ​​said that they found a more complicated situation.

As he said, people concentrated outside the institute made it difficult for them to reach the door, and when they managed to enter, they found a barricade made with school furniture:

"They got the units, then opened the door with shears and what we finally find is a barricade, behind which there were people, which, to be honest, is something totally surreal in itself ..."

"I have never seen people behind a barricade with their hands up and singing "We are people of peace", behind a barricade, people of peace ..."

"But, that's what they sang, and it is true that those who were inside did not oppose any kind of resistance, they just were behind the barricade singing "we are people of peace."

The barricade and the entrance of the Policía Nacional officers in the Joan Boscà school can be seen in this video recorded by one of the people who screamed "we are pacifists":


"Keep in mind that they were very old ..."

The witness said that, once inside, they found 4 very elderly people that, as he said, were nervous and didn't know what they were doing:

"We went into one of the halls where the tables were set up, there were 4 elderly people, very old. I don't remember it exactly, but I think there were born in the 1930s."

"They certainly looked like the members of the tables, but, well, they were very old, we took their data and they got very nervous. It is important to remember that they were very old, they didn't know what they did there, they didn't know ..."  


At the entrance of the Joan Boscà Institute, the Policía Nacional officers threw the people who gathered on the stairs away:

Marchena: The witness "slips in valuations"

This witness said that in the 2 schools where he intervened he found the same pattern of organization of the citizens favorable to the referendum, and stated that "their obsession was to protect the ballot boxes". In fact, they did not find any.

The officer continued the analysis of how this organization was shaped, and the president of the court, Manuel Marchena, ended up interrupting him:

Agent 88.009: "If that is what you ask, your honour, then yes, indeed, this can not be organized by civil society in a spontaneous way. This doesn't just happen or pop up in a morning, on the contrary, it is an already designed way of proceeding in advance. On those days, it was public at some networks, it was social and public knowledge that different sovereign entities, CDR, etc. had called for the creation of CDRs and the defense of voting centers and ballot boxes. Furthermore ... "

Marchena: "Is there another question?"

Zaragoza: "Yes, in relation to this last question, I would like to..."

Marchena: "The witness slips in his answer. He is not narrating the facts, but rather giving valuations that are indispensable."

"Nobody told me I had to ask any assistance from Mossos d'Esquadra"

To questions by Xavier Melero, defence counsel of Joaquim Forn, this witness said that his superiors told him that the police operation was to be coordinated with the Mossos d'Esquadra:

Melero: "In these briefings, did you convey the guideline that, in the case of large concentrations of people, you had to retire to safe positions and communicate with Mossos d'Esquadra?"

Agent 88.009: "No, I wasn't told that at no stage..." ... "They didn't tell me that we had to notify Mossos at all."

Melero: "Did you not have an order that the public order request had to be channeled through the coordination center that had been organized in the center of Barcelona with Mr. Pérez de los Cobos?"

Agent 88.009: "Not at all. They didn't tell us that at no stage. No one told me we had to ask for assistance from the Mossos at any moment."


The doors of the Nostra Llar school

Benet Salellas, defence counsel of Jordi Cuixart, asked the office ron the reason why they broke all the doors of the Nostra Llar school in Sabadell when they were looking for the ballot box:

Salellas: "Why did you go up to every one of the floors of the school and knock down the doors by force of each and every one of the classrooms?"

Agent 88009: "We had to make sure we went everywhere down the corridor up to the patio, as there were other doors that had access to the upper area of ​​the school. It was feasible that both the people and the effects of the crime were hiding there . "

Salellas: "And why did you not just go to the concierge and take the keys to enter the classrooms, before bursting 30 doors of a school center?"

Agent 88009: "Look, taking the criminal evidence we noticed in there into consideration, you could imagine how difficult it would have been to look for those keys. We don't know this school ... I don't know where the keys were, and the premise was to undertake a fast operative."



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