Nit i dia : A Success Both On and Off Screen

Winner of the  Best Spanish Series 2016-2017 prize at the 15th Zoom Festival in Igualada, and the Ondas Award granted to actor Josep Maria Pou.

Nit i dia (Night and Day) has recently won two important awards reaffirming the high quality of this series. One of those was the Ondas Television Award given to Josep Maria Pou, lead actor in the series' second season, for his role as bookseller and hired killer Benet Muntadas. The jury lauded his convincing performance reflecting not only the character's artistic sensibility but also prowess in his criminal activity.

The Onda Award is the most prestigious prize in Spain honoring the best audiovisual productions of the year, both national and International.

Another great achievement for Nit i dia came within the context of the 15th Zoom Festival in Igualada, where the series was selected by the jury as Best Spanish Series of the 2016-2017 season. This festival honors the most outstanding TV fiction productions on both the Spanish and International stages.

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