Vincent Moon's nomadic videos
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Vincent Moon's nomadic videos

A conversation with French director Vincent Moon, famous worlwide for his videos with bands such as The National, REM or Arcade Fire. Five years ago, he left all of it behind to start travelling all around the world searching for local, unknown music, some of which are in danger of disappearing. With the sole company of his camera, he has shot hundreds of musicians, from Brazil to the Caucasus or Indonesia. Even catalan rumba legend Peret starred in one of the Petites Planètes films. Vincent was recently in Barcelona to show his latest works, and we talked to him about the diversity of cultures he has known. He speaks in critical terms of the music industry, and explains his very personal take on what creativity means nowadays. A conversation with a clear goal, in Mr. Moon's words: to motivate the audience to think and create in a singular, diferent, creative way.