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Televisió de Catalunya (TVC) was founded in 1983 with the mission of restoring the Catalan language and culture to their rightful place. Today it is Catalonia’s main communication medium and the TV network that is most watched by the country’s citizens.

TVC follows the model adopted by public broadcasting corporations elsewhere in Europe and its programming is firmly committed to social and democratic values, pluralism, and public service. TVC mirrors the diversity and special traits of Catalan society, but it is also open to the wider world. It seeks quality and innovation and strongly differentiates its output from that of other networks. At the same time, it does everything to ensure that its programs reach as many viewers as possible. Over the years, the network has won widespread international recognition for the quality of its programs.

TVC is located in Sant Joan Despí near Barcelona on a 4.5 hectare site. There are four main buildings with a total floor area of 35,000 m2. TVC is a large producer of TV content. Its in-house production covers a wide range of genres (news programs, documentaries, sports programs, fiction, entertainment, etc.). But TVC also co-produces with private companies and has contributed to creating a thriving audiovisual industry in Catalonia.

Funding for the network is mixed. A “Contract-Program” with the Catalan government periodically establishes the amount of public funding for the network based on the various public service functions by TVC.

TVC is also pioneering interactive applications that allow viewers to access a wide range of complementary services.

Right from the start, TVC has committed itself to being present on the web. Manages the various portals and web sites, which have become a great favorite with users seeking information in Catalan on the Internet and since December 2004, through the web portal, viewers can access TV3alacarta, a service enabling the user to watch at any time on site all the programmes with Internet rights of broadcasting, as well as all live programmes with rights held by all of Televisió de Catalunya channels, namely TV3, 33, 3/24, Esport3, Super3 and TV3CAT. The programmes are sent over broadband connection links (ADSL and cable). This service overcomes geographical barriers giving viewers a new way of watching television from anywhere in the world and at any time of the day



Televisió de Catalunya’s mission is to offer all the citizens of Catalonia quality and efficient public service broadcasting, committed to ethical and democratic principles while promoting the Catalan language and culture. Efficiency will be foremost in the management of this production and broadcasting service, while striving for maximum public acceptance.

One of Televisió de Catalunya’s main objectives is to help consolidate and expand the use of the Catalan language, culture and identity, and disseminate knowledge of Catalan culture abroad, while reflecting the diversity of contemporary society.

Televisió de Catalunya must work to reinforce the presence of Catalan audiovisual media throughout all Catalan-speaking territories. It must foster development in social and economic fields and work closely with the educational system. It must promote the development of the Catalan audiovisual industry and of audiovisual productions in Catalan. It must also provide an impetus for content employing new technologies and kinds of public communication such as Internet and mobile telephones.

All of these functions must be performed while being a reference for quality and innovation.
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