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CCRTV Serveis Generals S.A., through the trademark CCRTV ASI (Administració Sistemes d’Informació), is the CCMA company that provides support to the Corporation’s staff and those in its subsidiaries with regard to management, planning, development, systems and computing.


To provide Information Technology services to companies in the CCMA group in accordance with their needs and objectives, based on an in-depth knowledge of the organization and business and the latest technological advances in order to provide a secure, high-performance infrastructure for improving organizational processes. To boost the return on investment in new developments by making CCMA's solutions suitable for other audiovisual companies.

In carrying out this mission, the company:
  • Takes maximum advantage of those technological advances that are applicable to the media field and which are sufficiently mature to make them a practical proposition.
  • Forecasts trends in technology in order to plan for their timely implementation. The company also keeps an open mind on the need for change in the fast-moving audiovisual and media fields.
  • Seeks efficiency, rationality, and performance, ensuring that systems are well-integrated throughout.
  • Provides services to end-users to ensure they have ready access to the information they need in their daily work.
  • Improves communication between company and staff in order to foster collaboration at all levels.
  • Fosters continuous improvement through monitoring, re-evaluation, and optimization of systems.
  • Ensures CCMA’s needs are catered to and objectives are met.

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